01. 추격자 - Infinite
02. 걸어 본다 - B1A4
03. 하이드 - VIXX
04. 기도 - Sunny Hill
05. Heart Attack - EXO

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Infinite ft Vixx - Amazing x Gr8u
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Week 7: Simply because you are Amazing 



Once More, with Feeling →

"It is part of the fascination of "Once More, with Feeling”, that we can, if we wish, choose to select our relationship with the text and dwell on a happy ending—or we can share the struggle of the characters.” - Rhonda Wilcox, 2005


chensoo being attractive
hyeongkon revealing his abs ಥ_ಥ


xercis asked: Magnolia or Magnolia (x)

make me choose: n clinging on leo or leo beating up n

     ↳asked by anon

"Goto-san! Let’s get married! I’ll do everything your girlfriend would have… All for you. So let’s get married!"

"What are you saying? Are you insane?"

"I’m serious! I will protect you! Oh, I get it… This is love.”